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Our Mission Statement

"Team 5268 wants to inspire students to excel in the fields of science and technology by exposing them to a culture in which innovation is celebrated and to empower them with qualities necessary to be successful in the future. Our goal is not only to be the best but to become a family."

Our Story

Team 5268 was formed as a way to give students an opportunity to utilize skills and abilities pertaining to STEM fields. We started as a small team and have grown to a size larger than ever before. FIRST Robotics gives students a chance to develop communication and problem solving skills, qualities that are essential for the work environment. Consequentially, every student on our team has become more prepared for their future, irregardless of their career or major. Looking towards the future, we hope to continue growing our team so that we can make a positive impact in the lives of more students.

Key Staff


Jason Smith

Founder & Coach

Mr. Smith is the Engineering and Architecture / CAD teacher at Olathe South.  He is in his 11th year of FRC involvement and refers to Build Season as "Crazy Season".  Though team has evolved over the years, Mr. Smith marvels at how Robotics is still about the basics… Hard work, Determination, Willingness and this K.I.S.S. philosophy!


Dennis Burkett


Mr. Burkett is a Chemistry teacher at Olathe South teaching general and AP Chem.  In addition to helping start the team, Mr. Burkett has a keen eye for catching details and keeping us from making dumb mistakes.  Mr. Burkett's collection of Star Wars Lego Sets is truly amazing, and grace the shelving of his classroom.  Ask him which is his favorite!

Andrew Nachbar

Andrew Nachbar

Programming Team Mentor


Andrew has served as a mentor for the Programming Team for the Past Six Years.  Andrew's keen sense of humor is a big plus when things get tense.  Originally from Upstate-New York, Andrew laughs at we in Kansas call "Snow"

Dave Smith

Dave Smith

Programming Team Mentor


Dave has served as a mentor on the programming team for six years and his son Benjamin was one of the founding members of team as a freshman.  Dave works with Avionics, but is a master of troubleshooting with our students on the programming team!



Build Team Mentor


John Nuber has been the build team mentor for six years.  His son Jaden was one of the founding members of the team as a freshman.  In addition to build team mentor, Nuber is our Master Tinkerer, often building models to test in his garage at home


Jaden Nuber

Electrical Team Menetor


Jaden was one of our original members as a freshman.  Jaden has severed as a mentor since he graduated in 2017.  Jaden is working towards a degree in electrical after getting a taste as a team member himself!


Steve Foster

Electrical Team Mentor


Dr. Foster, or Steve as we know him has been the electrical team mentor since our very first year.  In addition to being a wizard with all things electrical, Steve is our master of ALL THINGS requiring a FORMULA!


Cheryl Besch

Business Team Mentor


Cheryl joined the team in 2017 serving as a mentor to the business team.  Cheryl has two sons that have participated on the team all four years of high school.  In addition to helping with Business, Cheryl is a wiz on creating device based apps!


Rebecca Rothermitch 

Business Team Menetor


First year mentor Rebecca Rothermitch is a Technology Specialist working in Telecom for Henderson Engineers.  In addition to being a mentor of the Business Team, Rebecca is also a First Alumni!


Rob Herbst

Programming  Team Mentor


2nd year Mentor Rob Herbst is another one of our Fantastic mentors from Garmin.  Rob's son is on the team and after seeing what the excitement was all about, Rob jumped in with both feet.  In addition to helping with programming, Rob has been an excellent source in helping our fundraising needs!

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Design Team Mentor


Mechanical Engineer NEEDED!!!

Conatact Jason Smith for More Information!

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