Here is our competition for this season:

Week 1:

Hello, my name is Wesley Coats and I am the current Team president of Team 5268. The first week of build season has been a whirlwind for our team. From finding out what game we are playing this year to the largest snowstorm to hit Kansas City in the last 5 years preventing us from having an organized meeting last Saturday. This season is shaping up to be a quite successful year with one of our largest teams in recent memory and quite a bit of experience on most teams. Currently we are all focusing on the design and mock-up page. Design team is working away on CAD designing our robot. Kick-off Saturday the team decided to go for filling an entire rocket ourselves. Our original idea for an intake was designed and mocked up, but while in taking the cargo popped it and took us back to point A.

Our business team has been probably or third most active team currently focusing on awards, website and marketing strategies for competition. Our sub-section of our business is all about planning our regional we will be hosting here at Olathe South High School. The Programming team is currently focused on getting a basic autonomous plan in place and ready for our robot this year. Electrical is our youngest team this year and is currently focused on teaching all of our younger members the basics and getting ready to do their part on the robot.

Looking ahead build team will start building our brand new, octagonal chassis and mocking up a few more game pieces and parts for the robot.  Business will continue working on our awards for this season and marketing. Programming will work on Autonomous and targeting for our robot. Electrical will do more of the same as well as work on a possible board design and getting a line follower all figured out. Lastly design team will continue along with Mr. Smith focus on getting this robot designed and ready to have plans handed off to build by the end of this week.


Week 2:

We got quite a bit of work done this week on every team. Build team continues to be the most hard at work as they continue to work on several aspects of the robot and game pieces. Currently the elevator is being assembled and being tested to see what pulley setup will work the best for lifting it up to its highest point. Design team has shifted its focus on how to get our robot onto the 2nd level of the HAB.  Programming continues to work on programming the Raspberry pi and ad getting vision code working. Business team is working on getting everything ready for the regional competition as well as all the awards for this season. electrical team continues to work on schematics and getting things ready for when they get the robot. Overall the team is doing very well and getting things good to go!

Week 3:

Currently all teams are full steam ahead working on plenty of tasks. Design team is done with the robot design and robot lift to the HAB. Build team has finished C&Cing the chassis parts and is ready to begin assembly of our octagonal chassis. Once done with that, the assembled elevator is ready to be attached and drive train will be put on. Programming has shifted all its focus on getting vision ready for this robot. Vision is a must this year due to the positioning of tape on the ground and the inability to see the backside of the rocket. Business team is hard at work getting buttons and welcome items ready to go for the 2019 Heartland Regional here at Olathe South. Electrical continues to prepare for getting the robot by getting schematics ready and organizing the storage area for the team. The team is hard at work getting everything caught up after mother nature wreaks havoc on Kansas City.

Week 4:

This week we suffered a phenomenon known as the mid-Build Season Crisis. All teams have been victimized by this. Build continues to work on the Elevator and chassis. Though this has hit a road block with multiple important parts being shipped late. Design team continues to work hard but has had a lack of attendance from several key members. Electrical team is starting on the electrical board and getting parts assembled and ready to go for today. Programming team has started working with ultrasonic sensors and getting those working while also working on the vision code. This needs to be working in order for our planned robot to work this year. Business team is currently working on more fundraising and buttons for this year. Coming up next week the team will be raffling off a pair of Sporting Kansas City tickets for the upcoming season. This will be done at Parent Teacher Conferences in the Commons. We hope to bounce back from a few setbacks this week to be done by February 16th for our Sneak-a-Peek here at Olathe South.

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